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3 Biggest Mistakes that Parents of Athletes make in Barcelona


Choosing a school that exclusively caters to athletes because the academic standards at those schools are always very low since the school's priority is only on sports so students develop poor academic skills and afterwards are worse off than when they started.


Choosing a school that doesn't have psychological and emotional wellness as its core value so their students' mental health suffers tremendously.



Choosing a school only because it may have a flexible schedule and not because it is a fully accredited American school program or has an innovative learning pedagogy that can turn even previously average academic students into excellent ones ready for the rigors of university education in USA.

Why Student Athletes Choose BHS? 

#1 Rated American School Program in Barcelona

Fully Accredited Courses & Official US High School Diploma

Flexible Schedule

Psychological & Emotional Wellness 

Innovative Learning Pedagogy

1-on-1 Academic Support

Online Tutor Support

Weekly Academic Updates

Central Location

Family Away from Home

Visa & Residency Assistance

Housing Assistance

NCAA Accredited Courses

AP Courses

SAT/ACT Prep Assistance

USA University Scholarship Assistance

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