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Barcelona High School (BHS) is an American school and university prep academy in Barcelona Spain.

BHS is ranked as the best secondary American School in Barcelona​.

BHS is centrally located at the Exam Preparation International Center of Barcelona where students come to study and learn in student groups.

BHS educates students through "blended learning" in class groups with in-person 1-on-1 tutoring and guidance to improve students' study habits, independent learning, and mastery of course material, combined with using fully accredited American online school courses.

BHS was created for students to obtain an official American High School Diploma and to be prepared to attend university, especially the best universities in USA on academic and athletic (Division I) scholarships.

American School Program

Middle School

Age 11 - 14

6th, 7th, 8th Grade

High School

Age 14 - 19

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade

Students receive 1-on-1 professional tutoring (in-person or online) making sure students complete their assignments on time, fully understand their coursework, perform well in school, and reach their full academic potential.

The program uses US accredited and NCAA approved interactive online courses (including AP) and is administered by a designated US teacher. 

Students have the option to study in a class group to make friends, receive in-person tutoring and participate in monthly social events, or only through online learning.

This program has a flexible schedule which allows students to fully pursue their extra curricular passions while obtaining a great education.  

American High School Diploma

Upon graduation from high school, students receive an official American high school diploma.  This US high school diploma gives students access to universities in USA and is valid for international university admissions throughout the world. 

BHS focuses extensively on university entrance exams and the American university admissions process.  Accordingly, BHS offers the other following programs:

USA University Entrance Exam Preparation

PSAT Prep Courses

SAT Prep Courses

ACT Prep Courses

TOEFL Prep Courses

This program is a proven exam prep methodology created by our Executive Director.  The courses include 1-on-1 native English instruction and tutoring (in-person or online), supplemental learning materials, and scheduling and coordination to take the official exams.

University Admission

Counseling & Advisement

University Search 

Scholarship Search

Application Guidance

This program guides and assists students and families through the university application and admissions process.  This program helps students get admitted to the best universities, and on academic and athletic scholarships in USA.



Barcelona High School American School Barcelona.jpg

Jaclyn Caruana

Executive Director

Jaclyn Caruana, an American, is the founder of Exam Preparation International Center of Barcelona (EPIC), where Jaclyn has been Barcelona's leading academic tutor and American university exam prep and university placement advisor since 2003.  Jaclyn has extensive experience helping students and parents with university exam coordination and preparation, and providing university advisement services.  Jaclyn is very passionate about helping students obtain their dreams to attend university in USA. 

Over the last 7 years, Jaclyn's students in Barcelona have been admitted to the following universities in USA: ​








University of Chicago




University of Michigan

UC Berkeley




Carnegie Mellon

John Hopkins University

Harvey Mudd College

Babson University

Boston University

Purdue University 

American University

George Washington University



Pepperdine University

University of Miami


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