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Student Visa 

Is a Student Visa required to BHS?

No, you do not need a Student Visa if (1) you are an EU citizen or (2) you already have residency in Spain through your parents or through another visa program.

Who needs a Student Visa?

Only non-EU students who do not already have residency in Spain and want to live in Spain and attend BHS for more than 90 days (3 months).

What is the Student Visa process for BHS?

Once you pay the Annual Matriculation Fee  +  One-time Entrance Fee then BHS will send you an official Student Visa matriculation letter as part of your Student Visa application.

How do you apply for your Student Visa for BHS?

You can apply for the Student Visa in your home country or from Spain within your first 60 days of arrival.

Do you need a Legal Guardian?

If you are a minor (under 18 years old) and you will be living in Barcelona without your parents then BHS can be your Legal Guardian as required for your Student Visa application. The administrative fee for this is 150€.

Do you want professional help to get your visa?

BHS can refer you to a professional visa specialist to help you obtain your Student Visa if desired.

What happens after my visa is approved?

You must pay the Tuition Fees and attend BHS classes.

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