Blended Learning

Combining face-to-face learning support with online school coursework in small student groups.


Most Advanced Online Courses

Our Barcelona based online school courses are intuitive, interactive and simple to use and provide everything that students need to learn each subject effectively all in the online platform.

1-on-1 Professional Tutors (in-person or online)

Our expert tutors reinforce coursework with students on a basis 1-on-1 in-person or online.

Personal Learning Coach

Our expert tutors monitor the progress of students to make sure all assignments and projects are completed in a timely manner and provide additional support when needed.

Study Habits Instruction

Our expert tutors teach students how to study, complete coursework effectively, and how to be proactive independent learners so students reach their full academic potential.

School Social Life

We provide an environment where students come to study and learn around other students where they can develop friends and have a positive academic experience.

University Readiness

We fully prepare students for university studies and beyond.


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