Innovative Learning Model

Unlike the learning model in traditional schools, BHS uses an innovative model known as "blended learning" that combines digital interactive courses with face-to-face instruction, learning spaces and experiences.


Small Class Size

We have a small class size to provide personal attention so students learn to excel academically.

Social Interaction

The BHS class experience is a fun and positive social environment where students develop friendships and confidence.

Learning Coach

Our learning coach monitors the progress of students to make sure coursework is completed with excellent quality and in a timely manner.

Academic Hybrid Learning

Our in-person learning coach and tutors combined with digital US curriculum courses provides the best way for students to excel academically.

1-on-1 Tutor Support

Our tutors reinforce coursework with students and help them solve problems where they need more help and a better explanation.

Career & University Advisement

BHS provides career guidance and university counseling so students gain direction and learn what is needed to get into their university of choice.

University Entrance Exam Prep

BHS coordinates prep courses for the international Selectividad exam to attend Spanish universities and the SAT, ACT and TOEFL exams to enter American and international universities.

USA High School Diploma

Upon completion of all courses, students receive an official American high school diploma that allows them to attend universities throughout the world.


Students can additionally earn a Techdegree in Web Development, User Experience, and Data Science.


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