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If you want an innovative and unique, non-traditional school, with a revolutionary approach to education, then BHS is the school for you.  BHS is a flexible international and American school that focuses on helping teenagers excel academically, emotionally and psychologically.  Students learn through accredited US curriculum in a fun, creative and social environment. 

BHS is located in the neighborhood of Gracia, ranked as the best neighborhood to live in Barcelona.  BHS is ranked as the best international school in Spain and most prestigious school in Spain due to its truly international student body and its innovative and effective learning philosophy known as the BHS Method.  Students learn together across multiple grade levels and through extracurricular creative and STEAM Education centric activities.  Through university counseling and career guidance, students are able to achieve their future goals. ​​


BHS is also unique for Barcelona because it exclusively uses American curriculum.  Unlike with the other international and American schools in Barcelona, no other additional school systems are forced on the students at BHS.  For example, other international and Amerian schools in Barcelona require students to do the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Catalan educational system, causing unnecessary stress to students and their families. 


The American school system is not only the most flexible education curriculum in the world, it is also internationally recognized which allows students to attend universities with Bacelor's degree programs in English throughout the world, including in the UK.  Additionally, BHS offers the AP courses needed to attend elite universities when doing the American system.  Therefore, BHS provides a flexible path to attend universities, without the need for IB or A levels.

Why BHS: Welcome

Why Choose BHS?

Learning Coach

Our director is the lead teacher who acts as a learning coach in charge of the students' academic performance and tracks student progress to make sure coursework is completed with excellent quality and in a timely manner.

Weekly Academic Progress Reports

BHS provides parents and students with weekly academic performance and status reports that show current academic grades and updates.

Small Class Size

We have a small class size to provide personal attention so students learn to excel academically.

Central Location

BHS is located in the center of Barcelona, not outside the city, so it is very accesible from multiple public transportation routes throughout the city.

Social Interaction

The BHS class experience is a fun and positive social environment where students develop friendships and confidence.


BHS has its own innovative digital lesson platform for students to use to complete course assignments and lessons.

Flexible Schedule

Because of the innovative BHS digital lesson platform students can complete courses during normal school hours or at the time that is most suitable based on individual needs.

Accredited US Curriculum Courses 

BHS follows the American school system providing fully accredited US curriculum courses which are the same courses as taken in USA.

Large Selection of Elective Courses

BHS offers a broad selection of elective courses ranging from coding to creative arts to ensure that students are taking courses that interest them.

Spanish School Enrollment & Courses

BHS has a collaboration with accredited Spanish schools to provide official Spanish school enrollment and courses to satisfy residency and visa requirements.

AP Courses

BHS offers American High School Advanced Placement (AP) courses, which serve as alternatives to IB courses and A-levels, for students who wish to attend the international universities throughout the world.

1-on-1 Tutor Support

Our tutors reinforce coursework with students and help them solve problems where they need more help and a better explanation.

Emotional Health & Wellness

BHS provides soft skills learning, group projects, and special events to enhance students' emotional intelligence and individual talents.

University & Career Advisement

BHS provides university counseling and career guidance so students gain direction and learn what is needed to get into their university of choice.

University Entrance Exam Prep

BHS coordinates prep courses for entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT and International Selectividad to attend universities throughout the world.

University Placement

BHS helps students through the university application and selection process to attend international universities throughout the world including in Spain and throughout Europe, not only in USA.

University Athletic Scholarships in USA

BHS provides accredited US curriculum courses approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the governing body of sports in universities in USA, and helps student athletes receive athletic scholarships to attend universities in USA for free.

American High School Diploma

Upon completion of all courses, students receive an official American high school diploma from USA that allows them to attend international universities throughout the world that offer Bachelor's programs in English.

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