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At BHS, unlike at traditional schools, students do schoolwork through a flexible digital lesson platform, rather than by using books like in the past.

BHS has an amazing leadership team and uses an innovative teaching method known as "flipped learning", which is the reverse of the conventional instruction model.

BHS students first work through the academic coursework by themselves where they learn to overcome the fear of failure, and through that process, develop independence and self-confidence.

Then teachers provide 1-on-1 instruction and tutoring face-to-face with each student so they fully understand all course material.

BHS also provides a fun and social classroom and activities and events for a well-rounded school experience. 

Moreover, with the American High School Diploma program at BHS, there are no end of the year obligatory universal exams like with IB and British curriculum diploma programs so students have a less stressful path to enter university.

Lastly, BHS places students into English speaking universities in Spain or universities in USA to attend, for free, on athletic scholarships.


Small Class Size

We have a small class size to provide personal attention so students learn to excel academically.

Social Interaction

The BHS class experience is a fun and positive social environment where students develop friendships and confidence.

Learning Coach

Our lead teacher acts as a learning coach and is in charge of the students learning and also tracks student progress to make sure coursework is completed with excellent quality and in a timely manner.

Flipped Learning

Our in-person learning coach and tutors combined with digital US curriculum courses provides the best way for students to excel academically.

1-on-1 Tutor Support

Our tutors reinforce coursework with students and help them solve problems where they need more help and a better explanation.

Emotional Wellness

BHS provides soft skills learning, group projects, and special events to enhance students' emotional intelligence and individual talents.

Career & University Advisement

BHS provides career guidance and university counseling so students gain direction and learn what is needed to get into their university of choice.

University Entrance Exam Prep

BHS coordinates prep courses for entrance exams to attend American and English speaking universities throughout the world.

American High School Diploma

Upon completion of all courses, students receive an official American high school diploma from USA that allows them to attend universities throughout the world.