Comprehensive Learning

In-person teacher guidance using IB-inspired fully accredited US online school coursework in a small class size for optimal student learning and social interaction, reinforced with Montessori learning activities.


Montessori Learning & Activities

Located in the center of Barcelona, BHS is a partner learning center of the only international Montessori school in Barcelona, AKUA School, which promotes learning outside in nature and from group projects.  The Montessori educational model is based on the empowerment of the individual and their talents. 

School Social Life

We provide a small classroom environment where students come to study and learn around other students so they become friends and have both a positive academic and social experience.

Most Advanced Online Courses

Based on the IB style of learning, our online school courses are intuitive, interactive and simple to use, and provide the tools and information that students need to learn each subject effectively.  We use fully accredited US curriculum courses accepted by international universities throughout the world.

Teacher/Tutor Support

Our teachers and tutors reinforce coursework with students and help them solve problems where they need more help and a better explanation.

Assignment Monitor/Learning Coach

Our learning coaches monitor the progress of students to make sure all assignments and projects are completed in a timely manner and provide additional support when needed.

University Entrance Exam Tutoring

BHS coordinates university entrance exam prep tutoring to help students attend their university of choice.

High School Diploma

Upon completion of all courses, students receive an official American high school diploma that permits them to attend universities throughout the world, including in USA, the UK and throughout Europe.

University Counseling & Placement

BHS provides university advisement so parents and students know what is needed to get into their university of choice.


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