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Barcelona High School (BHS) was founded in 2020 for the post-Covid world, a new era where social life, mental health and emotional well-being for teenagers are just as important as academics.  With this revolutionary methodology, BHS has become the fastest growing school in Europe, with a growth rate of 4000%.

BHS is a non-traditional, flexible and dynamic International and American school in Barcelona Spain.  BHS prides itself on its ​one of a kind student-centered learning pedagogy known as the BHS Method™.

BHS is not for those who prefer traditional education created in the industrial age for teenagers to be the labor force of someone else's dream instead of being in charge of their own destiny.


BHS is centrally located in the heart of Barcelona, instead of outside the city like the other international and American schools.  The school consists of campuses, like a university, in the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia with perfect access to all modes of public transportation.

BHS has a small student-teacher ratio and students attend school as one big family.  The learning hubs are open and dynamic, unlike in traditional schools, which allows students to excel academically, socially and emotionally.  Moreover, the school encourages students from different grade levels and nationalities to interact which leads to an incredible blend of new ideas.

Academics consist of accredited US curriculum courses taught in native English.  Additionally, as an option, BHS offers the American Advanced Placement (AP) program (USA equivalent of IB) for academically advanced students who want to attend the most elite universities in the world. 

To enhance learning, students are provided with a range of support including: mental health and emotional well-being, social and creative activities to make friends, leadership and empowerment skills, international speakers, and career and life counseling.  Naturally, students increase their emotional intelligence while expanding their opportunities and finding their life passions.

Students graduate when completing the 12th grade.  They then receive an official American High School Diploma at the BHS Graduation Ceremony which allows them to attend international universities throughout the world.  While BHS students have been accepted into the most elite universities in USA (Princeton University, Parsons School of Design, Boston University, Middlebury College, etc.), most BHS students choose to attend universities in Europe (Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, etc.) that offer Bachelor's degrees in English that match their interests.

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