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Founded in 2020, Barcelona High School (BHS) is a non-traditional, flexible, one of a kind international American school in Spain, located in the city of Barcelona, the best city to live in Spain.

BHS is the first school in the world created for students for the post-Covid era.  An era where flexibility and student-centered learning is the future and one-size-fits-all education is the past.  More importantly, student social life along with mental health and emotional well-being are just as important as academics in school for teenagers to reach their full potential.


From its ​one of a kind student-centered learning pedagogy known as the BHS Method™, BHS transforms teenagers by helping them find their inner confidence not only academically, but equally in their social life and psychologically as well. 


Therefore, BHS is not for you if you prefer traditional schools that use the conventional style of education invented in the industrial age almost 300 years ago to teach students to work in factories and manufacturing plants that are now operated by machines, not people.


On the other extreme, BHS is also not for you if you prefer super alternative schools that lack a structured learning approach which undermines a student's ability to reach their full potential as a whole.


However, BHS is for you if you want a school that believes in teaching teenagers to be problem solvers and in charge of their own destiny through academic confidence, social engagement and psychological wellness.

With this revolutionary approach to education, BHS has become not only the fastest growing school in Europe, with a growth rate of 4000%, but also the most internationally diverse schooI in Europe as students attend BHS from all over the world.  This growth and cultural diversity enhances the student life and psychological confidence of students, as well as the academic learning experience.

Although BHS is growing rapidly, BHS students say the school feels like one big family where they get to make new friends everyday.


Instead of being located outside the city like the other international and American schools in Barcelona, BHS is centrally located in the heart of Barcelona, in the bohemian neighborhood of Gracia with perfect access to all modes of public transportation. 


While BHS has a small student-teacher ratio, the school consists of different campuses, like a university, which makes the BHS student experience the most unique in the world.

The learning spaces are open and dynamic, and students are encouraged from different grade levels and nationalities to interact and ask questions in class which leads to an incredible blend of ideas and perspectives.

Academics consist of accredited US curriculum courses taught in native English.  Additionally, as an option, BHS offers the American Advanced Placement (AP) program (USA equivalent of IB) for academically advanced students who want to attend the most elite universities in the world.

Students graduate when completing the 12th grade.  They receive an official American High School Diploma at the BHS Graduation Ceremony which allows them to attend universities throughout the world.  While BHS students have already been accepted into the most elite universities in USA (Princeton University, Parsons School of Design, Boston University, Middlebury College, etc.), most BHS students choose to attend universities in Europe (Spain, UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, etc.) that offer Bachelor's degrees in English that match their interests.  Some also take a gap year to further discover or develop their true passions before attending university.

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