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High School Study Abroad Programs: Why BHS is the Best!

Below are reasons why Barcelona High School is the Best High Study Abroad Program


#1  University Placement

BHS has one of the best university placement programs for both American and European international universities as BHS students have the unique advantage of studying abroad which helps with university acceptances and also because the program follows the American school system taught in native English, so there are no additional English language requirements for BHS students when entering university. 

#2  Beautiful City & Central Location

Barcelona Spain is the most beautiful city in Europe with amazing weather, wonderful beaches, surrounded by the Pyrenees mountains popular for hiking and skiing, and BHS is located in the most central part of Barcelona.

#3  International Community

Barcelona receives more international visitors than any other city in Spain, including Madrid, and BHS has the most international student body of all schools in Barcelona.

#4  Language & Culture

Students from non-native English countries attend BHS to improve their English while students from native English speaking countries, especially USA, improve their Spanish, and all students get immersed in the Spanish way of life.

#5  Safety & Public Transportation

In Spain there are no guns, unlike USA, so the city is very safe and Barcelona has an amazing public transportation system so there is no need for a car so students can easily travel throughout the city.


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