Top 10 Best Private International Schools in Barcelona Spain

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By Barcelona High School as a private international school Barcelona guide that lists the top 10 best private international schools in Barcelona.
Top 10 Best Private International Schools in Barcelona Spain
Pictured above is Barcelona High School (BHS), the newest private international school in Barcelona.

Private International Schools in Barcelona

What makes private international schools in Barcelona different from other schools in Barcelona is that instruction in international schools in Barcelona is primarily in English, as English is the international language of world. At international schools in Barcelona, there is a large population of the student body who are from outside of Spain. Private international schools have more flexibility in academic subjects and teaching approaches because they are not fully governed by the local education department. These Barcelona international schools also focus on students applying to international universities throughout the world, not just universities in Barcelona, or Spain in general.

Private International Schools in Barcelona versus Public Schools in Barcelona

Private International Schools in Barcelona versus Public Schools in Barcelona

Barcelona is very unique when it comes to schools. While Barcelona is in Spain, its school system is governed by the region of Catalonia. This means that all public schools in Barcelona, which includes concertada schools in Barcelona, are in the language of Catalan, not even Spanish. So for expat families moving to Barcelona or living in Barcelona who want an education in English, or even in Spanish, there are not many options for schools unless you choose a private international school in Barcelona.

List of Best Private International School in Barcelona

List of Best Private International School in Barcelona

The list below of the best private international schools in Barcelona when considering academics, student happiness, value, location, university placement, instruction in English, among other factors. Another big factor considered is innovation in teaching methodologies and learning approaches.

BHS - Barcelona High School

1. BHS - Barcelona High School

Founded in 2020, Barcelona High School, aka BHS, is a non-traditional, innovative, one-of-a-kind, international American school start-up, from grades 7th to 12th, located in the center of Barcelona Spain, easily accessible by all modes of transportation.

​BHS has a small student enrollment to provide personalized attention and learning, and students attend class as a group across all grade levels, like one big family, so students not only excel academically, but socially, emotionally and psychologically as well.

​The academics consist of accredited US curriculum courses taught in native English. AP courses are also available if students want courses equivalent to International Baccalaureate (IB) or A levels, although they are not mandatory.

Academic learning is supplemented with STEAM learning, social and creative activities, group projects, international speakers, tech learning that allows to get coding certificates, and much more to help students increase their emotional intelligence while simultaneously expanding their opportunities and finding their passions in life.

​Students receive an official American High School Diploma from USA when they complete 12th grade, which allows them to attend English speaking international universities throughout the world, including in Spain, the UK and throughout Europe, as well as in USA and Canada. BHS is considered one of the best American schools in Barcelona for its innovative teaching pedagogy and learning strategies.

Contact details:

Phone: +34 657 128 649


BFIS - Benjamin Franklin International School

2. BFIS - Benjamin Franklin International School

Benjamin Franklin International School, aka BFIS, opened in 1986, and is an American school in Barcelona from Nursery to High School. BFIS was started by parents of the American School of Barcelona who wanted a better American school in Barcelona. Affiliated with the US Department of State Office of Overseas Schools, the school embraces American educational principles and methods, within the context of an international environment and awards three diplomas: American High School, Spanish Bachillerato and International Baccalaureate.

Its diverse and engaged student body, faculty and parent community—now comprised of almost 50 nationalities and cultural heritages—is the heart and soul of the school. English is the language of instruction, with language courses offered in Spanish, Catalan and French.

The teaching approach at BFIS is based on differentiated instruction and places the student at the center of the learning process. BFIS encourages and supports students to be curious, independent learners and to pursue their passions and understand the beauty and power of knowledge. The educational program at BFIS is built upon three central essential concepts: Curriculum, Character, and Community. These core areas are crucial elements that BFIS believes in for a well-rounded education and emphasizes the importance of balancing the academic, social, and emotional aspects of school life so the students can develop into creative, self-confident, and responsible individuals.

BFIS graduates receive offers of acceptance and merit-based scholarships from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Contact details:

Phone: +34 934 342 380


ASB - American School of Barcelona

3. ASB - American School of Barcelona

Founded in 1962, the American School of Barcelona, aka ASB, is an international, independent, nonprofit, co-educational, university preparatory day school which serves the international and Spanish communities in Barcelona from preschool to grade 12. ASB is accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is authorized by the Spanish and Catalan Ministries of Education. The school has a purpose-built facility located just south of Barcelona. The school offers the IB Diploma Program. ASB has scored above the IBDP world average every year since it started granting the diploma in 2007.

ASB's mission to empower preschool through 12th grade students to become global citizens with the critical thinking skills and the self-confidence to maximize their potential.

Has over 900 students from 55+ different nationalities enrolled in Pre-K through 12th grade. Approximately 22% of the students are North American, 28% are Spanish, and 50% are from other countries.

ASB offers a rigorous university preparatory program, taught in English, that prepares students for admission to universities throughout the world. ASB takes pride in having world class teachers that offer a unique academic experience in the classroom. Teachers support their curriculum with a variety of technological tools, helping prepare students for today´s digital reality. Core academic subjects are taught in English, with a complementary Spanish and Catalan program. ASB has a state-of-the-art campus and facilities allow our students and teachers to remain on the cutting edge of innovation and advanced learning.

Contact details:

Phone: +34 933 714 016


St. George School Barcelona

4. St. George School Barcelona

St. George School Barcelona , aka St. George or St. George's, is a British school for children from 2 to 18 years of age. St. George is fully authorized by the regional government and are members of the prestigious National Association of British Schools in Spain. They fully adhere to the British national curriculum, with their oldest children taking iGCSEs and then A levels.

St. George’s has already gained a reputation for not only having high educational standards, but also for their motivated and happy children. Pupils at their schools learn effectively, through thinking, feeling and doing. They learn how to analyze, solve problems, think creatively and use their imagination. They are also taught to have a sentimental education, learning to explore and understand their own feelings and those of others, and to have an understanding of and empathy for the diverse cultures throughout the world.

The children in St George's school feel happy and safe, which in turn brings out the best in them. The environment is creative and inspiring with a secure and loving atmosphere, which gives the children confidence and encourages them continually to feel proud of what they do. Learning is often difficult and arduous but at St. George’s School Barcelona they want the process to be a pleasure as well.

The facilities offer a stimulating and creative environment. The school has specialist classrooms such as: an ICT suite, music room, library, gymnasium and dining room. This, along with skilled and personalized teaching, is what St. George believes will ensure that every student loves learning and will achieve their maximum potential.

The team of teachers from the United Kingdom all bring different strengths, experiences and abilities, but all share an equal passion for children, their wellbeing and their learning.

Contact details:

Phone: +34 931 293 024


BSB - Barcelona School Barcelona

5. BSB - Barcelona School Barcelona

British School of Barcelona City, aka BSB City, is different from the main and original British School of Barcelona, aka BSB, in the Barcelona suburb, Castelldefels.

BSB City has a new state-of-the-art campus in the city of Barcelona, opening September 2021. BSB City offers an educational experience to students from Early Years to Pre-University in an international environment.

Founded in 1958, BSB, has always provided a great independent international education for our students. Students are encouraged to become global citizens; self-confident enough to express and discuss their beliefs and opinions, while demonstrating a deep understanding and tolerance of different cultures. BSB follows the English National Curriculum and employ up-to-date, research based pedagogical approaches to ensure our students develop high level learning habits and skills.

BSB is a truly International school, fully accredited by the British and Spanish Governments, with students graduating to some of the best international universities around the world. However, the all-round education goes well beyond examinations; this includes the values which BSB holds dear and which its students demonstrate. BSB ensures that students leave school with a close group of friends, as well as the ability to make new ones, and that their academic achievements and skills will enable them to succeed at university and beyond, in an increasingly competitive world.

Contact details:

Phone: +34 936 651 584


6. St. Peter's School

St. Peter's School

Contact details:

Phone: +34 932 043 612


7. Oak House School

Oak House School

Contact details:

Phone: +34 932 524 020


8. Kensington

Kensington School

Contact details:

Phone: +34 932 035 457


9. Lycée Français

Lycée Français de Barcelone

Contact details:

Phone: +34 932 03 79 50


10. German School of Barcelona

German School of Barcelona

Contact details:

Phone: +34 933 718 300


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