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About BHS

Barcelona High School (BHS) is an innovative, non-traditional, international American school academy with an amazing leadership team and instruction in native English, centrally located in Barcelona Spain.

BHS is registered as an American school campus through the Florida Board of Education in USA.  The academic courses are fully accredited, and approved by the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) to receive athletic scholarships to American universities.

BHS provides a unique and personal face-to-face learning and student experience through "flipped learning".  BHS uses digital US curriculum courses complemented with in-person instruction, synthesis learning, soft skills, and social activities.

For students who need a more flexible schedule, BHS even has an online-only school option.

Upon graduation, BHS students receive an official American high school diploma from USA and can attend American and English speaking universities throughout the world, including Spain.

BHS also helps students obtain athletic and academic scholarships to American universities.