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American School Program

American School Barcelona

This is a virtual learning program that combines US accredited interactive online curriculum with teacher assignment management and 1-on-1 instruction and tutoring (in-person or online) to help students reach their full academic potential.

This program is in native English and has a flexible schedule which allows for students to fully pursue their extra curricular passions while obtaining a great education.


American School

High School & Middle School 

6th - 12th Grade

Native English instruction

Flexible in-class schedule

American high school diploma

US accredited courses

NCAA approved courses

University of California “a-g” approved courses

Honors & AP courses available


Virtual Learning
1-on-1 in-person instruction and tutoring
Study habit assistance
Writing assistance
Student assignment supervision
Parent communication
1-on-1 university exam prep courses (SAT, ACT, TOEFL, PSAT)
USA university exam exercises
USA university guidance and counseling


Virtual Learning
1-on-1 in-person instruction and tutoring
Study habit assistance
Writing assistance
Student assignment supervision
Parent communication
USA university exam exercises


Virtual Learning
Online tutoring
Student assignment supervision
Parent communication
USA university exam exercises

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BHS Mission

The BHS mission is to provide personal attention to each student to maximize their academic performance, emotional confidence, technology knowledge, and career success.

BHS is located in the center of Barcelona, in a co-working community for young entrepreneurs, called Depot Lab.

BHS educates students in a small, non-traditional, socially fun classroom to improve social and emotional intelligence, technology skills, career passions, study habits, independent learning skills, time management, and mastery of subject course material.

To further enhance emotional intelligence, BHS participates in Montessori learning outside in nature with Akua School, pictured above.



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Akida Mashaka


Akida Mashaka is an American from Los Angeles, California who lives in Barcelona with his wife Lia and two children.  Akida is co-founder of BCN Life, the leading relocation expert services agency for expats moving to Barcelona.  Akida created BHS because he recognized the huge problem with American schools in Barcelona, including the IB schools and British schools, and indeed, the entire school system in Spain and throughout the world.  Unlike other schools, Akida created a school that focuses on small class size, a fun social learning environment, innovative online learning tools, cutting edge career advisement, and emotional intelligence skills necessary to be successful in today's world.  Akida is a graduate of Harvard Law School and attended university in USA on a tennis scholarship.  Akida also graduated #1 in Psychology in his university class.  Akida's 14 year old son who plays competitive tennis also attends BHS.

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Reem Halaoui

Learning Coach & Assignment Monitor

Reem is a trained International Baccalaureate educator and educational consultant.  Reem has a Masters in STEM education and a B.S. in Chemistry.  At BHS, Reem works with students to make sure that they are understanding coursework, performing at their optimal level, and completing all assigned coursework in a timely manner.  Reem motivates students through positive reinforcement, patience, and 20+ years of knowledge and experience as an IB teacher and educator.

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Nuria Segura

Montessori Education Pioneer

Nuria is the Founder & Director of Akua School, the only Montessori accredited school in Barcelona.  Akua is an amazing international trilingual school (English, Spanish & Catalan) located outside the city center in the mountains surrounded by nature.  Indeed, Nuria is also the Founder & Director of Akua Foundation, a non-profit organization that works in the field of education research and develops accredited schools which implement new forms of education that promote the well-being and talents of each individual.  Nuria developed and overseas the Montessori learning project between the students of BHS and Akua School.

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Jaclyn Caruana

University Admissions Advisor

Jaclyn Caruana is the founder of Exam Preparation International Center of Barcelona, where Jaclyn has been Barcelona's leading university entrance exam prep tutor and international university placement advisor since 2003.  Jaclyn has extensive experience helping students and parents with university exam coordination and preparation, and providing university advisement services.  Jaclyn is very passionate about helping students obtain their dreams to attend university. 

Over the last 7 years, Jaclyn's students in Barcelona have been accepted into the following universities:









University of Chicago




University of Michigan

UC Berkeley




Carnegie Mellon

John Hopkins University

Harvey Mudd College

Babson University

Boston University

Purdue University 

American University

George Washington University



Pepperdine University

University of Miami



Imperial College London

King's College London

London School of Business